The main intake of pupils is into Pre-preparatory class in the September after their third birthday. Children may also be considered for entrance at other ages, spaces permitting. Please telephone the School Secretary for information on current availability. We have a positive sibling policy.

A non-returnable registration fee of £125 is charged for registration of an application for admission.

The Entry Process
When we offer a firm place to a pupil, an Acceptance Deposit of £5,000 is payable when the Acceptance form is returned to the school, £2,500 of this deposit will be credited to the pupil’s first term’s fees. The remainder of the Acceptance deposit (£2,500) will be repaid without interest (less any outstanding accounts or charges) at the end of a pupil’s final term, usually taken to be in Third Form.

If a place is not taken up after Acceptance, the Acceptance Deposit is forfeited, and a full term’s fees will be payable if a full term’s notice is not given.

Girls entering the school at the age of three are not assessed. There will be a parent meeting with the Head Teachers

From Year 1, girls are tested in mathematics and English. Reports from previous schools are requested. At 7+ the girls are also interviewed by a senior member of staff.