Ofsted Report

Please click on the Ofsted Logo below to read the full report from the Ofsted website. Published 21st March 2017

Quotes from the most recent report:

“The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is outstanding…”

“Children in the Early Years receive high-quality support and care. They make exceptional progress from their different starting points because teaching is typically outstanding.”

“Pupils have a real thirst for learning. Their excellent attitudes to learning and their impeccable behaviour have a very strong impact on the excellent progress they make. Pupils love coming to school. This is reflected in their high attendance.”

“Parents are extremely positive about the school’s work, including in ensuring that their children are happy, safe and well cared for.”

“Pupils reported that teaching is ‘great’ and they value their teachers deeply. One pupil said, ‘We can see our teachers are very passionate about teaching.’ “

“The behaviour of pupils is outstanding. Leaders have ensured that pupils’ exemplary behaviour has been maintained. They ensure that the school is a very calm, harmonious and welcoming community.”

“Pupils make outstanding progress from their starting points and develop excellent knowledge, understanding and skills rapidly across a wide range of subjects, including in reading, writing and mathematics.”

“Pupils read widely and often and have a real love for reading. They read with confidence and fluency at a level that is at least appropriate to their age, with many reading at a level well beyond their chronological age.”