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Received from the former Headmistress at Francis Holland School:

Suffice it to say none of Matilda’s success at Francis Holland would have been possible had Matilda not had such a strong start to her education at The Village.

Vivienne Durham.

Received after a Cultural Assembly:

Miss Gay,

I just wanted to write a quick note following this morning's cultural assembly. As always, I find the mornings truly amazing and it's fantastic to see how the girls grow and develop through the years. I have to admit I wasn't expecting such a heavy topic for a Friday morning as I probably would have made a stronger coffee. But as usual, you are right "on topic" in your timing. I spent half of my week finding resources for contingency planning on where to house asylum seekers (migrants and refugees) as the appetite of local authorities is severely waning in light of red doors and other recent events. IIIrd Form's performance this morning will stick with me for a long time.

It would be a shame not to do something more on this issue given the 400 unaccompanied children currently in the jungle. I will have a chat around to see if there is something more we can do.



Received after a Cultural Assembly:

I was very pleased to be able to attend The Village School’s Cultural Assembly last Friday morning. It was very evident that a lot of work had been done by staff and students in all departments of the school. Thanks to your inspiration and enthusiasm, The Village School took on this big project and made it a huge success. I was impressed by the sheer range and quality of art on display and of the presentations made in assembly. LIGCA’s name was prominent and it was so good to see our mission being implemented so effectively. It was great to witness the support and appreciation of the Headmistress. Please extend my thanks to her.

London International Gallery of Children’s Art (LIGCA) can do more such work if we can establish further links. I wish there were more schools like yours. Maybe there is a need for more people like you!

Jane McGuinness

2016 - Received from parents on children joining secondary school

We just thought we would send you an update for Harriet from Francis Holland - particularly for Mrs Bolsom.

Francis Holland has an annual poetry competition and all girls enter. There are then year group winners, highly commended entries and a whole school winner, this year's theme was London and the area around the school.

I am delighted to say that Harriet was the winner of the competition for the whole school (the first ever winner for that year group apparently!).

We particularly wanted to send the news and the poem, attached, to Mrs Bolsom, as her efforts, enthusiasm and encouragement with Harriet and her creative writing were very much to play here, I am sure.

There is no doubt that this was all fostered and encouraged at the VS, we are thrilled, so wanted to send it over.


Dear Ms Gay and Mrs Bolsom,

I hope you are both well and the new school year is off to a flying start. Eva's start at South Hampstead is very encouraging. She throws herself into it with full enthusiasm and bags of energy. Our challenge is to temper her appetite a little bit to prevent burnout.


Ms Gay, You'll be pleased to know that Eva received the first and only Merit Award in all of year 7 for the first half-term. The award was in Physics for a 100% test result. And Mrs Bolsom, you'll be happy to know that Eva was selected as one of 7 in the class to attend a workshop with SHHS's writer in residence, and she produced an interesting short story. Of course, she is loaded up with clubs - Maths, Science, Drama and ..... Trampolining. Also, Eva and Lucy were selected for the Y7 Tennis Team. So things are going well.

Eva misses everyone at the Village School. She would like to come by next week during her half term. If that's OK, what day/time would be suitable for her to visit?

Kind Regards,

Victoria & Brad

Dear Mrs Reynolds

I have been meaning to get in touch with you for some weeks now to ask how you all are and to say that I am missing the VS and you all.

I am however comforted by the fact that Selina is settling very well at St M and loves the school; she is making friends and appears enthusiastic about most subjects and to be managing well the homework and busy schedule. She is happy to go to school in the mornings; she is happy and full of stories about her day in the afternoon when she comes home.

Selina had hoped that she could come to visit on a Friday afternoon but she finishes school at 4.00 pm. She would love to visit at any other opportunity such as the Christmas Fete or evening plays if this is an option?

I also need to tell you that Selina has been complimented for her netball skills by her PE teacher! Please do let Mrs Street know about this. Selina was asked by her current teacher who has taught her to play netball so well!

I really hope that everyone is in good health and in good spirit and please pass on my warmest regards to Mrs Bolsom and Miss Gay and everyone else at the VS.

With much love

Cristina and family

Received from parents in relation to 11+ results

Dear Miss Gay & Mrs Bolsom,

We hope that you both had a lovely half term break.

We just want to say how delighted we are about Isabella's school place offers

We also would like to express our huge gratitude for all she has received from you and all the inspiring teaching she has had along the way. Isabella has been so blessed

Yours sincerely,

Denise & Andrew

Dear Miss Gay & Mrs Bolsom

A really big thank you for treating the girls with such a fun-filled and rewarding adventure. Selina had a truly wonderful experience. Whilst exhausted, I can see that she is thrilled and also proud to have had such a positive and rich first field trip with her teachers and friends (and first ever three day and two nights away from her parents!). I am very grateful to you both.

Warm wishes

Christine Horasan


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